We undertake your project from design, building to completion.

Construction Management

For over 30 years, we have been managing construction projects across the country.

Green Building

We are committed to building environmental friendly buildings.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with eco-friendly, spacious and unique design and build services.

About Our Company

Future Homes New Zealand is an independent housing company based in New Zealand. We are a locally based and family owned construction company. Our contractors and sub-contractors specialize in all kinds of building and construction services. For many years, we have been providing our clients with affordable housing solutions.

We provide high quality construction services to diverse industries including residential, industrial, commercial, and medical. Our goal is to build a long lasting relationship with our clients from across the country.
Our Skills


We provide a wide range of professional construction services. Here are some of the building services we offer to our clients in New Zealand.


Before construction, you need a perfect building design. Our designers are experienced and knowledgeable in creating unique designs.


Our builders are experienced in both commercial and residential building services. We use modern and quality building materials for a perfect structure.


We will help you transform your building site to a perfect landscape. We have the best landscapers in New Zealand.


We remodel your kitchen or bathroom to the latest designs. Our services include replacing old taps, faucets, and tiles with the latest in the market.

Latest Works

Whitelands Estate
Building Residential Homes 

Whitelands estate is a 3 storey residential flat in Hamilton, New Zealand. We undertook this project 3 years ago when the client approached our project manager to get an idea on how he could invest in rental homes. 

One month later, our designers had come up with a perfect design. Our professional technicians then did a great job to complete the building in less than a year. Our services included design & build, lighting, plumbing, roofing and exterior design.
A mansion in Auckland
Home design and building
This is one of the thousands homes we have built across New Zealand. Sitting on a one-acre piece of land, this is one of the latest projects we have handled. 

The client was recommended to us after we completed a similar project in the neighboring city. We came up with a unique design, the roofing, a unique garden design, swimming pool plan, and backyard lighting.
Remodeling and Renovation
Remodeling, tiling and wall arts 
This was an old building constructed in the early 1940s. We were contracted to renovate the house, adding new fixtures. A lot of work was required to remodel the building into a unique, newer home. Our services included tiling, roofing, replacing faucets, bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovations, fireplace installation, among others. 

Today, this house stands out as the best built homes in the city. The garden, floor, backyard and the pavements are all renovated.

Latest News

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Happy Clients -Testimonials

  • In 2012, I contacted this company to help me build a health facility in Rotorua town. I am grateful to these builders as they provided more than I expected. I highly recommend your services.

    Janet William Janet William Rotorua
  • Future Homes contacted us to provide lock installation and key cutting in Upper Hutt on a residential flat they had just finished building. We worked together with the team throughout the project and it was a delight that the team made us feel we were a priority. They listened to our recommendations and provided all we needed to finish the project successfully. Thanks!

    Harry Njathi Ted (
  • Future Homes is our go-to company whenever we need help construction-related activities. Having used their services across different projects in Christchurch, we are impressed by their knowledge in design and build. They are one of the best construction experts in New Zealand.

    Daniel Groves Daniel Groves
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